All's Well that Ends Well  by William Shaespeare
Directed by Karin Coonrod
Scenic Design by Sanda Burns
Lighting Design by Tony Mulanix
Sound Design by Jake Davis
Technical Direction by Eric Nolfo
Walt Disney Modular Theatre

Adam and Angie
Adam and Erin
Putting HiFloat in Balloons
Inflating and Tying Balloons
Finally making some progress.
Under the Balloons


HALLOWEEN 2003:  Axis of Evil
Presented by CalArts Student Council
Lead Producer:  Adam Travis
Co-producers:  Veronika Vorel, Diana Zeng, Alain Jourdenais
Main Gallery Design:  James Beaghan

View from 4th floor of Main Gallery
The Pharcyde performing
The crowd
The Main Gallery

Spring Event 2003:  BizZircus
Presented by CalArts Student Council
Producers:  Danel Trisi, Tiffany Almudaris, Badger Koon
Design:  Diana Zeng

View of G-Lab Courtyard from Main Entrance

The party

The Night After (HALLOWEEN 2002)
Presented by CalArts Student Council
Lead Producers:  Terence McFarland, Dan Friedman, Lindsey Moran
Co-producers:  Adam Travis, Joie Cohan, Danel Trisi
Main Gallery Design:  Mat Shima, Adam Greene
L-Shped Gallery Design:  Joel Fox

Tent:  Christmas at Halloween
L-Shaped Gallery
Fire Troope
L-Shaped Gallery
Main Gallery


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