OCTOBER 29, 2004


Entrance to parking lot.

Arriving at Six Flags New England was very exciting. Driving down Main Street in Agawam, MA was gorgeous. They have flags on every telephone pole, which looked amazing against the bright yellow and green leaves and the colonial style houses. It was a perfect New England scene.


The view from the bridge.

Standing on the bridge over Main Street with the park in the background.

Waiting for the gates to open

Waiting for the gates to open. The banner behind me is for their attempt to break a world record for most carved, lit jack-o-lanterns. I think they ended up about 20,000 shy of the record, less than half way there.


On the Superman lift hill.

On the lift hill for my first ride of the day, Superman: Ride of Steel, an Intamin MegaCoaster. It has been named Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World by Park World magazine for about 4 years now, and for a good reason--it is awesome!


A view of the lift hill.

The view from about half way up the lift hill.


A view of the river from the lift hill.

One of the coolest things about Superman is that the lift hill is right on the banks of the Connecticut River. The view going up is incredible!


The park at sunset.

The sun was setting as I was making my second trip up the Superman lift hill.


Riding Superman.

One more picture of me nearing the top of Superman.


Me with Batman in the background.

Next up was Batman: The Dark Knight, a B&M Floorless.


Me at the entrance for Batman

Getting back in line for my second ride on Batman.


Me, Batman, and the water park.

One more shot with the final loops of Batman and the water park in the background.


Three roller coasters.

From the station, a view of Batman, Mind Eraser, and Superman in the background.


Riding cyclone.

In the brake run of Cyclone, a rough wooden coaster.


Me and my pumpkin.

I did my part to try to break the record.

So that's how I spent Friday night before Halloween. Six Flags New England is now closed for the winter, which is very sad for me.



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